Tsars: A Crypto Casino Worth a Shot

The online gaming industry has always been the most progressive in terms of development. With many avenues made available to users from all over the world, there is no stopping crypto from entering the bigger picture. 

The virtual gambling realm is huge and crypto has since made big waves in the industry after its launch. The first few things that come into mind when you hear ‘crypto’ might be Bitcoin, the world’s most popular virtual money today. There is no doubt that the market has grown over the years and the casinos have taken a great interest in the medium. 

Learn more about the crypto market below!

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Cryptocurrency: What is it? 

Simply put, cryptocurrency is a virtual asset that works like a medium of exchange. They do not have a physical form and are mined using blockchain technology. Don’t mistake them for fiat currencies that are exchanged online, however. Crypto only exists digitally and has no central authority controlling it. 

Despite its mysterious nature, a number of investors and companies have taken advantage of the digital asset due to its benefits. While some major financial institutions remain hostile towards the medium, there is no denying that crypto has a lot of attractive features, especially for serious online players. 

Expand your knowledge in one of the most fascinating trends today by reading up on the facts below:

  1. It works lightning-fast. 

Just like what our Tsars team promises to players, crypto works fast like lightning. One of the most distinctive traits of the medium is that it doesn’t have a central authority controlling it. Governments and other third party organizations cannot interfere with crypto. This cuts off a lot of time in terms of making transactions online. Since no governing body oversees it, crypto is also not taxed. This, along with its transaction speed, is very promising to users all over the world.

Here at Tsars, we accept Bitcoin as a valid currency and thus, offers players instant deposits and withdrawals. However, we cannot interfere with the transactions you make with your crypto – we only allow you to use them for our services. 

  1. Transactions cannot be undone. 

Crypto is immutable and this trait makes any activity nearly impossible for any person to trace them back to you. Since crypto activities are open to the public, fraudulent transactions are not likely to happen on the platform. 

  1. There is a limited supply. 

The basic idea is that scarcity breeds a greater demand for the goods and services available. Fiat currencies are issued by central banks that control their value. For crypto, however, they have a limited supply which only adds more value to the currency. 

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There are only 21 million bitcoins created. When all of the Bitcoin has been used, no new ones can be mined. This helps prevent any manipulation to its value even over long periods of time. If you have thought of investing your money in Bitcoin, now might be a good time to do so! 

  1. It can be used anywhere around the globe. 

Provided that every country widely accepts crypto as a valid currency, Bitcoin can be used regardless of your location. This is an advantage that fiat currencies do not have as they can only be used in the country or territory of their origin.

In recent years, Bitcoin casinos have become widely popular. Many players have turned to online gaming to satisfy their curiosity over the platform. There is no denying how efficient they work in terms of convenience. A Bitcoin casino like Tsars offers more benefits than what meets the eye. Learn more about them below:

Why Crypto Casinos are Worth a Shot

Payment Tsars

In the simplest of terms, a crypto casino works essentially like any online gambling site except that it offers different payment methods. They accept both fiat and crypto as valid currencies for payment. What sets a Bitcoin casino apart from others is that it is more widely accepted around the world than most of its competitors. 

You will find that a lot of online casino sites offer players an option to pay using crypto. This imposes some benefits that only a crypto casino like Tsars can offer. Here are some reasons why they are worth every buck:

  1. Users are anonymous. 

Activities made within the virtual medium cannot be traced back to where it first came from. This is one of the reasons why casino players are attracted to crypto. Transactions are done discreetly and the anonymity adds a degree of security. 

This anonymity trait also enables players to create digital wallets without having to expose their personal details to the public ledger. 

  1. Transaction fees are often waived. 

There are no third parties involved when using Bitcoin as payment. This means that players can make transactions without extra costs! Here at Tsars, we offer free transfer services where players can withdraw their winnings almost instantly! 


The reduced costs can amplify your overall gaming experience with us. For other crypto casinos, fees may vary but you won’t expect them to be as costly as using fiat currency! 

  1. They are often more secure. 

While some major banks remain hostile towards the medium, some users tend to benefit from the added security crypto provides them when it comes to paying online. If you use Bitcoin, for example, hackers cannot hijack your transaction since there are no personal details attached to it! 

Potential fraud is also nearly impossible to happen. The good thing about Tsars is that you can at least track your finished or pending operations by heading over to your ‘My Account’ page!

  1. Games galore!

One of the best things about playing in crypto casinos is that you get loads of fun games at your fingertips. From Bitcoin video casino games to live dealers, Tsars has got you covered! 

Other famous types of crypto 

Bitcoin is not the only virtual currency available on the market. In fact, some people may call it a trendsetter. While its widespread popularity has made the unofficial standard of all things crypto, there are other types that people can use or invest in. 

In terms of user base, however, Bitcoin remains to be at the top of the market. In fact, you will find a lot of online casino sites widely accepting it other than its counterparts. Some people found that using other crypto types are best for other investments outside of leisure. 

If you wish to expand your knowledge on the virtual realm, take a look at some of the popular crypto forms currently in use:


Litecoin (LTC)

This digital currency has been around since 2011 and was one of the first few forms that followed suit after the launch of Bitcoin. As a virtual medium, it works the same way as its predecessor but features a faster block rate that offers speedier transactions. 

Since it is relatively new in the industry, a handful of companies are already accepting Litecoin. In fact, aside from Bitcoin, Tsars also accepts Litecoin as a mode of payment!

Ethereum 1

Ethereum (ETH) 

This crypto makes use of smart contract functionality. It hails ‘Ether’ as its flagship token in the platform and is currently the world’s 2nd largest crypto following Bitcoin. Ethereum features a decentralized open-source blockchain that disables any activities of fraud or control. 

Ether is mostly used to run and develop apps within the Ethereum platform. Other developers have sought to make use of the crypto to purchase digital currencies outside of Ethereum.


Tether (USDT)

If you have ever heard about stablecoins in the past, Tether was the flagship. This type of crypto is mainly used to reduce the volatility of a currency’s market value. Like how most stablecoins work, Tether aims to even out fluctuations in market prices so as to attract more users.

Ripple 150x150 1

Ripple (XRP)

This crypto doesn’t require mining for it to exist even virtually. In the simplest of terms, all Ripple tokens are ‘pre-mined’, thus allowing banks to settle transactions all over the world in real time. The fees don’t often cost too much which makes this type of crypto fairly attractive to financial institutions.

Fun Facts About Crypto

Are you getting the hang of the trend? Here are some fun facts about the virtual currency that you might find interesting:

  • While it is known that the creator of Bitcoin is named ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, no one has truly identified the person or group behind it to this day. 
  • You can purchase a wide range of items using crypto so long as the seller accepts it as a valid currency or payment option. 
  • The two most common fiat currencies used to exchange for Bitcoin are the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen. 
  • The smallest unit of Bitcoin is called a ‘satoshi’. 
  • There are about 18 million Bitcoins in existence with around 4 million left to be mined. The estimated maximum number of Bitcoin is capped at 21 million. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have lingering thoughts about using crypto on Tsars or not, our team is ready to help you with any questions you might have. Our customer support service is open to receive your concerns 24/7, so please feel free to send our live chat portal a message! 

We have also compiled some of the most common questions we get from other users. If you find that your concern is not addressed below, please get in touch with us and we will attend to you as soon as we can! 

Is it legal to use crypto?
In some countries, yes. Crypto is generally accepted by countries that have passed laws regarding its legality. Depending on your current location, the use of the virtual medium might be subject to heavy terms and conditions. In other countries, they are widely accepted as a valid currency.

It is best to always read up on the laws in your area concerning the use of Bitcoin casinos. If you do have access to one like Tsars, take the time to look over the terms and conditions for added knowledge on the matter.

How can I deposit crypto to my account?
You can make crypto deposits the same way you do for other valid currencies available. Simply head on over to your ‘My Account’ portal and click on the ‘+’ sign. This will redirect you to the proper payment channels for deposits.

You can also find the appropriate exchange rate on the portal itself upon making a deposit. Bonuses are still offered to those who opt to pay in Bitcoin so don’t worry about missing out on the great perks from Tsars!

Are there crypto-specific games on the site?
No, in fact, you can play any game you want on the website! You also won’t have to worry about missing out on rewards and bonuses as you play. Our site allows you to use crypto to enjoy our services but this doesn’t restrict you from playing all the games offered.
Are there any transaction fees?
As mentioned above, all of our transaction fees are waived. You don’t have to think about the extra costs for simply withdrawing your winnings. They work lightning fast and efficiently. Your crypto wallet will be updated real time.
Where did Bitcoin come from?
It is known that Bitcoin was created by an unknown person or even a group under the name ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. The mysterious nature of the virtual medium has ignited many speculations as well as criticism across major financial hubs in the world. However, even with this in mind, it continues to exist as an innovative payment network across industries.
Where can I get Bitcoin?
You can buy them through sites like Coinbase, a well-known and trusted exchange hub for crypto currencies. In countries where Bitcoin is considered to be a valid currency, you can find local ATMs that dispense them.