An Online Adventure Like No Other

Monet Slots

Are you ready for a thrilling journey to the skies? Tsars has got you covered! Playing games in a casino online gives you more than just fun and you don’t need to step out of your home to hop on an adventure like no other. 

Tsars presents players with a wide range of online casino games that will never bore you. From slots to live poker, the choices are endless! The best thing about it is that they can be enjoyed right at your fingertips. With Tsars, there are no limits. Reach for the sky and play online casino games now! 

To give you a better idea of how we like to do things at Tsars, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

Online table games


Cards, dice, and wheels. What more can you ask for? These iconic items are what you can find in almost any casino. Here at Tsars, we never miss out on even the slightest detail. We want to meet the needs of our players by giving them a full-blown gambling experience minus the hassle. 

The difference between online and land-based table games is that for the former, they are played remotely. Wherever you are in the world, Tsars is ready to serve you no matter what time of the day it is. When you play online casino table games, nothing of the brick and mortar gaming vibe will be left out. 

Take a look at what we have to offer below:

Poker Holdem


Perhaps the most popular table game in the world, poker has become a massive hit with every progression in the industry. From simple house games to world tournaments, there is no stopping serious players from enjoying it. 

There are all sorts of poker that are played today and here at Tsars, we offer the best of the best. They are fun, easy to learn, and exciting! Head on over to our game database for more info about the poker games we have available on our website. 

The game mechanics vary depending on the type of poker you choose to play. The basic rules and principles, however, remain the same all throughout. Players get two cards, all face-down, from the dealer. Once the ante has been made, the dealer then places three cards facing up for all the players to see. 

Another round of betting begins and once each player has gotten their turn, the dealer then deals a fourth card. Bets are placed after each turned card is placed, the final being the fifth. Players can either call, raise, fold or check between rounds. If you are feeling lucky, you can go ‘all-in’ where you give in all your remaining chips. 

There is always a hint of fun in every poker match. Bluffing is a popular tactic among players but veterans know how to use it very well. You’ll be surprised to know that many others fall for the bluff and lose their chips in the end! 

The main variations of poker we have on Tsars are as follows:

  • Straight poker
  • Community card poker
  • Draw poker
  • Caribbean stud poker
  • Texas Hold’em 

Each of them has specific mechanics that set them apart from the others. You can learn more about them by heading over to our poker page! 

Roulette Tsars


A wheel of fortune, as other people would day! Tsars doesn’t fall short when it comes to riches and our roulette games are simply the best! This game is considered to be one of the most popular in casinos whether online or land-based. 

Roulette is also one of the simplest casino games to learn, even for new players. Mechanics are straightforward and the gameplay doesn’t require too much thinking. Like most of our games of chance, they’re meant to be fun! 

A round of roulette begins after all players have placed their bets. The wheel contains numbers around it. Each player places their bet on the number where they best believe the ball will land on. Once all has been settled, the dealer then rolls in the ball! The player whose bet is the closest to the number on the wheel wins the game. 

Learn more about how to make the right bets for this exciting game of chance by heading over to our roulette page!

Blackjack Tsars


Tsars never forgets the iconic games in the industry. You may have heard about blackjack from famous movies or TV series in the past. Remember the number 21 – it’ll prove to be useful once you decide to test your luck out on this exciting game of chance! 

The game mechanics are simple and easy to understand but it requires a good degree of control. Each player, along with the dealer, receives two cards. The main goal of the game is to have cards equating to 21. If a player exceeds the number, they lose the game. 

You have a chance to add more cards in hopes of reaching the total. If none of the hands equates to 21, then the player with the closest value to it wins the game. It sounds pretty simple, right? Don’t be fooled and take your time or you might end up walking away with little left on your pocket. 

With Tsars, however, you won’t have to worry about running low. We have lightning fast deposit and withdrawal options for players to enjoy! Make sure to get the most out of our bonuses as well – you’ll thank us later.

Baccarat Tsars


This game is known to be one of the oldest games in the world. The timeless fun will never be left out even if you play it online. Our Tsars team gives players a lot of options – and we aim to make them as convenient as possible. 

For baccarat, you get to choose whether you want to play live games or not. Either of these categories is great on their own. If you have any trouble finding what you are looking for, try using our filter option on the game search bar. 

This game is also quite simple. It’s a game of chance that is packed with fun and thrill! Players test out their luck on this easy game. It’s one of the reasons why rookies are attracted to it. Just make sure to listen to your gut feeling once you decide to try this game out! 

A game of baccarat begins with both the player and the dealer receiving two cards each. You get to bet on either hand but they are placed before the cards have been dealt with. The main idea is to have hands with values closest to 9 as possible. 

There are more details attached to the mechanics when it comes to winning hands. If none of the cards equates to 9, the player with the lowest value can have a third card. It is best to read up on the banker’s rule over a game of Baccarat for the best gaming experience. 

Online slot games

Tsars Slots

Every player loves a good slot game! We at Tsars have hundreds of them. When you play casino online, you will never run out of slot games to play. The best thing about playing with Tsars is that we make it easy for players to enjoy their favourite slots! 

Slots are very popular and come in a wide range of themes and styles. Depending on the game provider and developer, players get to play visually stunning games that are packed with sound effects and easy controls. Here at Tsars, we take online casino games to a whole new level! 

Our slots database is huge and is strikingly organized thanks to our filter feature. Since slots are a game of chance, they are quite easy to learn even without strategies! Go treasure hunting or discover the hidden wonders of the underworld, you will truly have a feast for the eyes! 

The game works best if you read up on the terms and conditions before spinning the reels. The info and details will provide you with a better idea of how much you can win with every bet made. If you wish to learn more about them, head on over to our slots page to get the best out of your gaming experience with us! 

Live games 

Livecasino Tsars

Why not get the best out of both worlds? The casino industry has only progressed from here on out and Tsars doesn’t disappoint even the serious players. Live casino games have become a huge trend after efforts to combine elements from both land-based and online casino gaming proved to be successful. 

You can now play your favourite table games with a live dealer and chat feature! Who says you have to live under a rock all your life? With Tsars, you can reach higher than the skies as our live casino games will take you on a journey like no other! 

All of our dealers are streamed real-time. Cards or roulette balls are dealt with as if you are physically present! You can benefit from genuine casino gaming experience at the comfort of your own home. Check out what we have to offer you by heading over to our games page! 

More fun live games

We like to make things a little more interesting at Tsars and that is why we offer fun games for you to try! Get your business-savvy self on the roll with our Live Monopoly game. Play against other players and get as many prizes as you can! 

If you are feeling extra lucky today, give our Deal or No Deal game a try! Head on over to our live casino page for more. 

Our game providers

Cutting-edge technology delivers the best results possible. This is what Tsars believes in when it comes to working with the right game providers. A vital aspect of delivering great gaming experience is to amplify it with high-quality effects, sounds, and visuals. With Tsars, we’ve got you all covered! 

We make sure to update our database as best as we can. Our players deserve to enjoy something new every now and then and our Tsars team just knows what new games are worth playing. Our search bar enables you to filter out our latest additions to the database. Just click on the ‘Tsars picks’ tab and you’ll find our most popular games.

Providers Tsars

Why play online casino games?

There are a lot of perks attached to playing casinos online. Our Tsars team makes sure that all of our players enjoy the benefits they get from playing in the comfort of their own homes. Here are some of the perks of playing with Tsars!

24/7 support services

Do you need some help with a game? Our customer support system will attend to you right away! No matter what time it is, our live chat feature is open to serve you. Just hover over the lower right corner of your screen and message away! 

If you have other questions that are addressed in our FAQs, we can forward it to our management team through the proper channels. 

Better rewards and bonuses

More often than not, online casino sites offer better benefits to players than most land-based casinos. Our welcome packages and deposit deals are exclusive to Tsars and every member gets a piece of the cake! 

If you wish to learn more about our exclusive deals and bonuses, feel free to visit our Promotions page and get the info you need. You may also visit your active bonuses by heading over to your ‘My Account’ tab! 

Speedy services

You get more options for easier gaming and you won’t need to worry about slow transactions. With Tsars, our payment features are hassle-free! Withdraw your winnings and expect them to fill your wallet within the day. We accept deposits from various currencies and payment methods.